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About Us

Nano Clean specialises in the; design, installation, commissioning and validation of particulate contamination controlled environment Cleanroom facilities throughout the world.

Our skills begin with conceptual design, where sitting down with the client's team, often starting with a blank canvas, we develop a facility to suit the process requirements.

With over 25 years experience to call upon, we are used to thinking outside the box, when faced with the inevitable challenges of; time, budget and spatial constraints of a new project.

Our project team are very experienced in design, installation, commissioning and validation of clean controlled environment facilities for an enormous range of applications, including; aseptic processing, medical device manufacturing, biotech processing, food manufacturing & packaging, nano-technology, semiconductor processing, academic research, aerospace engineering, to name but a few.

Whilst the correct design and installation of a controlled environment facility is of vital importance, the on going testing to confirm compliance with the appropriate standards is of paramount importance.

Nano Clean is committed to providing best value through innovative design and skilled installation.