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After Sales Service

Nano Clean after sales service will be tailored to give you operational peace of mind. New facilities come with integrated BMS web portal and VPN connectivity for remote support as standard.

Upgrade & Modifications

There will be times when you Cleanroom or Controlled Environment needs alterations to accommodate process changes.

Where complete shutdown is not practical, Nano Clean undertake a methodical approach, carefully phasing works to achieve the agreed schedule, whilst adopting proven techniques to minimise contamination.

Whether the simple installation of a new transfer hatch, or the complete replacement of the HVAC system, Nano Clean will offer a cost effective solution.

Cleanroom  Operation Support

Cleanroom Consumables are shipped wordwide from our distribution hub in Hungary.

Cleanroom Qualification testing by CNTB RCP-SCF & RCP-CT accredited personnel throughout the GCC.

Nano Clean are service partner of Microtechnica Limited, UK & Particles Plus Inc, USA.