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Cleanroom & Controlled Environment Facilities

Nano Clean specialises in the design, build, commissioning and qualification testing of Modular Cleanrooms and Controlled Environment facilities.

Modular Cleanrooms

Nano Clean System-1200 Modular Cleanrooms provide cost effective, energy efficient, easily installed Cleanrooms to satisfy the requirements of ISO 14644-1, GMP, USP<797> / USP<800> and WHO.

Nano Clean design and install Modular Cleanrooms and Controlled Environment facilities.

Our knowledge and understanding of contamination control engineering spans 30 years and a huge range of end-users applications.

Nano Clean System 1200 Modular Cleanrooms can be configured to meet any cleanliness classification from ISO Class 3 to ISO Class 9 with a variety of air handling regimes from the ‘one pass’ fan filter module approach to fully ducted with close temperature and relative humidity control.

The NC System-1200 modular panel system combines single line joints with flush finishing door frames, windows and transfer hatches.

For GMP and Healthcare Cleanroom applications the wall/wall and wall/ceiling interfaces are finished with an extruded aluminium cove profile, with the recessed height adjustable base channel enabling the self-form vinyl floor coving to finish flush with the modular panel face.

For Nanotechnology, Engineering and Process Cleanroom applications the wall/wall and wall/ceiling interfaces are finished with a square extruded aluminium profile, with the U profile base channel for raised perforated return air floor applications. Modular wall panels can progressive or non-progressive.

Unidirectional flow Cleanrooms feature a medium/heavy duty extruded aluminium ceiling grid. Non-unidirectional flow Cleanrooms feature a walkable modular panel ceiling as standard, for ease of maintenance access.

Cleanroom Engineering

The structure and services of your new Cleanroom will be engineered to meet your particular needs.

Equipment & Furniture

Nano Clean provide integrated and free standing Cleanroom equipment and furniture, manufactured from stainless steel, poweder coated steeel, high density polypropylene and high pressure laminate. 

After Sales

Nano Clean after sales service will be tailored to give you operational peace of mind. New facilities come with integrated BMS web portal and VPN connectivity for remote support as standard.

Operation Support

Whether it is routine qualification testing, particle counter calibration of undertaking facility enhancements, Nano Clean can provide support. 

Cleanroom Qualification testing by CNTB RCP-SCF & RCP-CT accredited personnel throughout the GCC.

Nano Clean are service partners of Microtechnica Limited, UK & Particles Plus Inc, USA.

As facility requirements change over time, we can innovatitve practical solutions to overcome your challenges.

Cleanroom Consumables

Cleanroom Consumables are shipped worldwide from our distribution hub in Hungary.